Top 5 Worst Cooking Oils for Your Heart, Brain, and Skin

The worst cooking oils we can incorporate into our diet are processed vegetable oils such as corn, canola, cottonseed, sunflower, and soy. Aside from their extraction from genetically modified crops, these oils are infused with petroleum-based chemical components. At high frying temperatures, this destroys the nutrition we need from foods.

When these oils are processed, the smell of the chemicals characterizes the risk they pose for your heart, brain, and skin. However, they are chemically deodorized before being sold to the public on supermarket shelves.

Top 5 Worst Cooking Oils for Your Heart, Brain, and Skin

How To Tighten Skin After Pregnancy Without Surgery

60% of new moms struggle to get back to their “pre-pregnancy body” (1).  Many of those women deal with loose and sagging skin postpartum. The skin is our largest organ, and childbirth can caused unwanted symptoms from stretch marks, to varicose veins, to acne to spider veins (2).

As a result over 110,000 women are turning to expensive surgical and spa procedures (3). Fortunately, there are ways to naturally (an inexpensively) achieve similar results at home with only a few ingredients. Here you will find an easy DIY mask that will help tighten postpartum skin.

Easy DIY Treatment for Tightening Your Skin After Losing Weight or Childbirth

Ginger Root Side Effects – When To Avoid

Ginger root is an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and digestive superfood. The spice is recommended as a natural medicine for many physical ailments due to its nutrients and health-supporting phytochemicals.

There are situations, however, in which ginger is a less-than-optimal supplement to your diet and can exacerbate an already existing problem. Here are some of the situations in which ginger should be avoided because of their risks.

Never Use Ginger If You Have Any of These Conditions – It Can Cause Serious Health Problems

Here’s How to Starve Cancer Cells to Death

According to researchers, cancer and sugar are really connected. Dr. Otto Wartburg and other health experts have been speaking about how cancer loves sugar since the 1920s, but surprisingly many doctors do not inform their cancer sufferers as long as they continue to eat processed foods full of carcinogenic stuff, they will likely have a more challenging time fighting this disease.

While it might not always be that simple, this is something which could significantly alter the game. His theory was that cancerous cells and tumor growth was due to cells that generated energy via adenosine triphosphate (ATP) through a nonoxidative breakdown of glucose (sugar).The recycling of the metabolite from this process called glycolysis and the circulation of adhA back into the body caused anaerobic respiration. This is the reverse of what happens with healthy cells.

Here’s How to Starve Cancer to Death By Removing One Thing From Your Diet

How To Get Rid of Under Eye Dark Circles With Baking Soda

Everybody gets dark circles under their eyes, even children and young adults. Despite this, the beauty industry is always emphasizing that they should be hidden or chemically altered to be beautiful. Sometimes it’s just a question of shadows being cast by puffy eyelids or hollows under your eyes that develop as a normal part of aging.

>>How To Get Rid of Under Eye Dark Circles With Baking Soda

Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar at Night Before Bed

A 1995 study revealed that when vinegar is obtained with a meal (in this case, in the shape of salad dressing), it significantly regulated the body’s glycemic response to the intake of different foods–such as bread.(3) Another study affirmed this finding, further demonstrating a delay in insulin reaction and increased satiety after eating a meal with bread and vinegar. (4) (Note that this also has consequences for weight loss.)

These and other research prompted researchers to investigate the impact of taking apple cider vinegar at night before bed to see how it would impact the morning’s blood sugar level in people with type 2 diabetes.

Why You Should Start Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar at Night

12 Everyday Stretches to Stay Flexible and Avoid Pain

Simple stretching exercises performed during the day can help promote blood and lymph circulation and enhance muscle tone and digestion. Irrespective of your activity level, do not forget to stretch. A 2012 meta-analysis reported a number of the benefits of stretching: increased joint range of motion, greater muscle extensibility, improved muscle flexibility, muscle strength, enhanced jumping and running performance, backbone mobility, reduced muscle stiffness, pain reduction.

For an overall exercise program the American College of Sports Medicine recommends static stretching for many individuals that is preceded by an active warm-up, at least 2 to 3 times weekly. . .Older adults may require longer stretch times compared to the recommended 15 to 30 minutes. What, how, and when you stretch depends upon your objective.

12 Everyday Stretches to Stay Flexible and Avoid Pain

Place These 10 Air-Purifying Plants At Your Bedside For Better Sleep

Read below to learn which air purifying plants work best for you. For those who have pets or kids, be sure that the plants you have in your home are non-toxic. Hazardous plants should be given away or stored in unreachable places. This will make certain they can filter air. NASA recommends between 15-18 air purifying plants to for a 1800 square feet home. Make sure that you put a few in every bedroom.

Difficulty in sleeping leads to lower productivity, lack of power and poor health. Stress and tension cause difficulties. These air cleaning house plants trigger comfort and also support immune function. Moreover, these plants purify air by absorbing odours and molds which could affect breathing and lung health.

Place These 10 Air-Purifying Plants At Your Bedside For Better Sleep

8 Symptoms of Insulin Resistance You Need To Know

Insulin resistance is the term used to describe when cells have trouble absorbing sugar from the blood. Although sometimes subtle, your body may tell you when it’s having a hard time. What is known about insulin resistance:

  • The cells of the body develop a resistance to the effects of insulin.
  • Insulin is essential for the regulation of the glucose circulating in the blood; it induces glucose to be taken up by the cells.
  • Insulin is also the chemical messenger that signals to the liver (which stores glucose), to hold on to its glucose and store it rather than release it into the blood. Glucose is packaged up for storage in the liver in the form of glycogen.
  • Insulin normally maintains a fine energy balance, never allowing the blood glucose level to rise too much for too long.
  • Resistance initially results in the pancreas simply secreting more insulin to maintain safe blood glucose levels and keep high blood sugars at bay.
  • Insulin resistance can eventually be accompanied by persistently higher glucose levels (pre-diabetes), and then the persistent hyperglycemia of type 2 diabetes; the release of extra insulin cannot be maintained to compensate for the increasing insulin resistance.

8 Symptoms of Insulin Resistance You Need To Know

16 Delicious Foods That Burn Belly Fat and Support Weight Loss

Visceral fat is the most unhealthy, and can even have a negative impact on inactive “skinny” people. Body mass composition is more important than weight alone. Of course, the more extra weight you have, the more your body starts to store fat in unusual places.

Fat doesn’t just sit in your body, it actually stores toxins and can affect hormone balance. As Kristen Hairston, MD, assistant professor of endocrinology and metabolism at Wake Forest School of Medicine, puts it: fat makes “lots of nasty substances.”

16 Delicious Foods That Burn Belly Fat and Support Weight Loss

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